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Big congratulations to Joe McFadden for winning principal of the Atlanta Symphony on HSBS #12 (McKail Model) and to Steve Metcalf for winning principal of Colorado Symphony on HSBS #14 (Nellie Model)!!

Two New Basses!

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HSBS #35 and #36 are in progress. Click below for pictures. 

Bill Collings of Collings Guitars

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We miss you Bill

American Muscle Tour

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HSBS #34 was finished in April 2017 and is 1 of 2 basses that was commissioned by the New York Philharmonic.


Chris's circuitous route to New York has been dubbed the American Muscle Tour. Stops include: Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, DC, and finally New York.

Welcome to the new Website!

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Models and pricing information are now listed under HSBS Basses. We also built a "family tree" charting the journey of each custom HSBS bass.


We will keep this page updated with current pictures and travel dates, so be sure to check back!

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Kansas City Symphony, Led Zeppelin Tribute with HSBS #6 and #29

Three HSBS basses in the New York Philharmonic, HSBS #30, #27, #21

Matt Frishman playing HSBS #27 at the new Minnesota Vikings stadium for the half-time show

Jeff Kail and HSBS #6 playing during a World Series game for the Kansas City Royals in 2015

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