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Meet the newest HSBS members

The Frozen Tundra tour starts this week!  HSBS #47, HSBS #48, Geneva 2.0 cello, UltraStealth Tailpieces and our new C-Horse endpin will be traveling from Iowa City, IA to Denton, TX.

Follow the link below for the Frozen Tundra Tour details.

Contact us if you're interested in participating in our COVID respectful tour.  Please provide your contact information using the link below.  We'll be masking and social distancing and instruments will be wiped down between players. 

Bring your bow!


Big congratulations to Andrew Keller for winning his Utah Symphony audition on HSBS #11 (Elizabeth model)!

Have you Heard?

The original motion picture soundtrack to the 2019 Joker movie includes Troy Rinker on HSBS #3 and Dave Romano on HSBS #1.

Brendan Kane (HSBS #10) and Troy Rinker (HSBS #3) play on the original motion picture soundtrack to the Coen Brothers' 2010 True Grit remake.

Troy Rinker (HSBS#3) and Dave Roman0 (HSBS #1) played with Billy Joel in the last concert in Shea Stadium.

Dave Romano played HSBS #1 on tour with Barbra Streisand.

HSBS Scrapbook

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