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Heartland String Bass Shop UltraStealth tailpieces for bass and cello are Trademarked and we're happy to announce that we've been issued a second patent.  Along with the original Patent (Patent Number 11,501,743), we were recently issued Patent Number 11,741,921.  As such, HSBS is obligated to pursue legal action against anyone infringing on HSBS intellectual property.  If anyone visiting our site sees products that could potentially infringe upon these rights, please contact us.  Thank you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you plan on using Spirocore E-Strings,  please visit your local luthier to have the E-string slot on your UltraStealth widened to accommodate the thicker wrap of the Spirocore string near the ball.

  UltraStealth tailpieces will soon be available for viola, violin, guitar and mandolin.

UltraStealth tailpieces are custom fit to your instrument.  Watch this video to see how to measure your bass for your custom fit tailpiece.

The UltraStealth tailpieces can be installed at home.  Follow these instructions:

The UltraStealth wood selections are; Katalox, Ebony, African Blackwood, Ziricote, Cocobolo, and Bocote.  Examples below show the options, with Katalox on the left through Bocote on the right.




Follow the link below to hear the difference:

James Giles of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra demonstrates the evenness of tone across strings with his UltraStealth Tailpiece on his 5 string and 4 string basses:

UltraStealth Reviews:

UltraStealth Pricing:

  • African Blackwood Tailpiece:  $950.00 plus shipping

  • All Other Tailpieces: $850.00 plus shipping

Special Package Pricing

UltraStealth (not African Blackwood) plus aluminum or stainless steel C-Horse Endpin :

  • $1750.00 plus shipping for those of you who don't own an HSBS bass

  • $1675.00 plus shipping for HSBS bass owners

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