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Heartland String Bass Shop Basses

Heartland String Bass Shop produces basses using the finest materials. From unfinished wooden boards to a completed instrument, each piece of the bass is crafted entirely within the shop. By exercising complete control over the process, Chris is able to produces basses of superior quality, playability, and sound.

To place an order for a bass, please contact the shop. Generally basses are completed in 2.5 - 3 months (there is currently no waiting list). Basses require a $5,000.00 deposit. Upon completion, Chris will make arrangements for the bass to be delivered to the customer and the customer will have approximately 2 weeks to try out the instrument. If the customer is not satisfied (for any reason), then the bass may be returned to the shop. The deposit will be returned, in full, as soon as the bass sells to someone else. 


All basses can be customized based on customer preference.

Heartland String Bass Shop offers 6 models of basses:

  • Romano (7/8)

  • Katherine (7/8)

  • Kane McKail (3/4)

  • Nellie (3/4)

  • Elizabeth (5/8)

  • Enzo (our newest 5/8 design)

Standard and optional features:

  • Standard string length is 41.5" - 42" and can be customized

  • Ribs come in standard rib depth or deep rib depth

  • Arching can be traditional or ridged

  • Mother of pearl accents are optional

Prices - all prices include a low C-extension, an HSBS Trademarked and Patent Pending UltraStealth tailpiece & bass bag.  There is no sales tax on HSBS instruments, because there is no sales tax on labor in Iowa : 

  • Flat back: $35,000.00

  • Carved back: $40,000.00

  • 5-string: inquire for price

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